female Vanoni rules and regulations


International mountain running relay race for two female runners


The CSI Morbegno running Club will organize in Morbegno (SO) on 22 nd October 2023 the 40 th “Vanoni femminile”, international mountain running ladies relay race.

Italian teams and foreign national official teams can take part in the race. The runners must be junior or senior or veterans and must have a membership card and the permission of the national running federation. Runners from outside Europe must have also the residence permit.

The race is a relay mountain race of 2 people. The race track is about 5 kilometers with a climb of 248 meters between the start and the summit point. The race track is up and down and start and finish in the same place. Each runner must run the route once. The route is 1.250 kilometer on tarmac with the remaining 3.750 kilometers on mix path and track.

Every team will receive bibs and chips. There will be a different colour for each section.

The race will start at 10.30 PM on the 22 nd October 2023. The change over between the runners will be by touching of the hand inside a space determined by the race judges. The entries must be made before 19 rd October 2023 at noon by e-mail: info@gscsimorbegno.org No entries will be accept after this deadline. Every club must confirm before 21 st October 2023 at 6.00 PM each runner entry and race start order. After this deadline, no changes will be accepted. The substitution of a runner will only be possible 30 minutes before the race start with certificate made by the race’s doctor. By paying an entry fee of 20,00 Euro per team, the runners must accept the rules and regulations and exclude the organizers from any responsibility for accidents, damages to persons, animals and property before, during and after the race. The maximum time will be double the first classified relay. Issue of race bibs and entry fee payment at Chiostro in S. Antonio Square – Morbegno (SO) on Saturday 21 st October 2023 from 4.30 PM until 7.00 PM and on Sunday 22 nd October 2023 from 8.30 AM until 9.30 AM. Dressing rooms and showers at S. Antonio square Gymnasium – Morbegno. Any complaint should be presented at the jury with 100, 00 euro within 30 minutes after the publication of results. If the complaint is accepted, the amount will be returned. Sanitary regulations will be those in force at the time and related by note below. Run under FIDAL Rules and Regulations 2023. By registering, the athlete declares to know and accept the regulations of the event published on the official website (www.trofeovanoni.it) and to know the FIDAL regulations. He/she also expressly declares under his/her own responsibility, not only to have declared the truth but also to exonerate the Organisers, the FIDAL, the G.G.G., the Sponsors, the Media Partners, the Public Administrations from any responsibility, both civil and penal, for damages to persons and/or things caused by him/her or deriving from him/her. Informativa art. 13 d. lgs. 196/2003 Protection of Privacy. See Trofeo Ezio Vanoni rules and regulations.