female Vanoni rules and regulations


  The CSI Morbegno running Club will organize in Morbegno (SO) on 27nd October 2019 the 36th “Vanoni femminile”, international mountain running ladies relay race.

The race is an international individual event. The racetrack is about 5 kilometers up and down with a climb of 248 meters. The start and the finish are in the same place.

The ladies runners must be junior or senior or veterans and must have a membership card and the permission of the national running federation. Runners from outside Europe must have also the residence permit.

The race will start at 11.00 a.m. on 27th October 2019.

The entry form must be sent before noon on 24rd October 2019. Otherwise the entry is like the Trofeo Ezio Vanoni.

The entry fee is 10,00 euro each runner.
The maximum time is double of the winner’s time. Dressing rooms and showers at S. Antonio square Gymnasium - Morbegno.

Any complaint should be presented at the jury with 100, 00 euro within 30 minutes after the publication of results. If the complaint is accepted, the amount will be returned.