Operational Protocol related to the emergency Covid-19

This protocol has been drawn up in accordance with the provisions in force and the guidelines indicated by FIDAL.

The following rules may be subject to change in relation to any changes introduced by the regulations in force at the date of the event, which will be immediately disseminated through press releases and notices.

Collection of bibs and confirmation of entries

Athletes will be able to collect their bibs at the indicated positions while maintaining the prescribed distance and wearing the mask. When collecting their bibs, they must hand in a self-certification attesting the absence of quarantine measures against themselves and the absence of contact with individuals found to be covid-19 positive for the protection of public health. In the absence of this self-certification, the bib number will not be handed over to any member of the relay team.

Foreign athletes must comply with the regulations and, where necessary, present a negative result of a molecular or antigenic test carried out by means of a nose-pharyngeal swab within 72 hours prior to entry into Italy.

Presentation to the appeal chamber and identity check 

The athletes who are members of the relay race must present themselves at the Chamber of Appeal, located near the start, with their mask, with a valid federal card or identity document, approximately 20 minutes before the start of their race.

The access to the starting area will be established by the Meeting Direction in relation to the time set for each single race.

Access to the route

Athletes will have access to the route exclusively through the Chamber of Appeal. The access must be done wearing the mask.

A special “waiting area” will be set up in which the second and third relay runners can wait, at a distance, for the arrival of the previous runner.

Departure Procedure

The start will be made in stages of maximum 500 athletes as required by the regulations. The athletes will be arranged in a row and in a grid at a minimum of 1 metre from each other (spaced positions marked on the ground with signs or points), and in compliance with all risk minimisation regulations. The athletes will remain at a distance until the start and must wear the mask at least for the first 500 metres of the race (500m is the minimum indication of when the athletes can remove the mask and keep it for reuse after the finish line). 

Change of fraction

The change area of 20 metres will be delimited by a white line at the beginning and one at the end of the area. The change between the splitters will take place without contact between the athletes. The waiting athlete can start only when his teammate crosses the start line of the change area. The athletes who finish the race must wear the mask as soon as they finish their fraction and leave the change area free as soon as possible, avoiding any crowding through the indicated routes.

Risk prevention and mitigation measures covid-19
  • Social distancing obligation and where pre/post competition mask use is not allowed.
  • Obligation to complete a self-declaration certifying the absence of quarantine measures against oneself and the absence of contact with persons found to be covid-19 positive for the protection of public health. This documentation will be kept by the organizing company within the terms provided for by the laws in force.
  • Obligation to follow the indications highlighted by the Organising Committee by means of posters, speaker and volunteer services, relating to the competition services and dedicated and/or reserved areas.
  • There is no post-race refreshment service.
  • There is no locker room and shower service.
  • Toilet facilities will be available and will be checked and sanitised by the Organising Committee staff.
  • Positioning of hand sanitization dispenser in strategic positions for access to the competition areas.
  • There will be no scoreboards for displaying starting lists and results. Outside the race areas and services linked to it, the obligation to comply with current legislation on social distancing is in any case recalled.